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2013 was a fucked up year but that’s OK because I’m still alive and rocking deep in the THUNDER ZONE. 2K13 saw me spending time on both coasts and in the heartland, running like a chicken with his head cut off just trying to find something that I can call my own in this crazy place that we call the USA. Despite all the freaking out and breaking down, I kept on pumping out the sickest shit possible, all in the name of the THUNDER ZONE. And that is positive. “After the jump” let us get deeper into the Nu-American insanity that was JUICEBOXXX and THUNDER ZONE in 2013.

Hot on the heels of my (slept on) 2K12 record “I Don’t Wanna Go Into The Darkness” I wasted no time keeping it moving, throwing down a 15-track dirtstyle mixtape called “Beyond Thunder Zone”. This record really was all about listening to Beastie Boys and Guided By Voices on the bus in LA while eating a Yum Yum donut and having a panic attack. Blown out Nu-Americana for all the kids that need something to believe in. Also, just lots of samples and rhyming through a fuzz pedal.

In the months leading up to the release, I threw down a steady stream of music videos to try to keep myself from going crazy. Out of this, my two collaborative videos with Adam Forkner AKA WHITE RAINBOW stand out as being an important capsule of this particular time and place. Some warped positivity in the face of madness, check them out above.

Besides music videos, I also committed myself to doing a weekly “VLOG” called STATE OF THE THUNDER ZONE. Somehow, I did this for a full year. This thing was fucking terrifying but also a way for me to push myself into new unknown realms of something I still can’t put my finger on. I’m really glad it’s over but it was an important part in the insane saga that has and will continue to be JUICEBOXXX and THE THUNDER ZONE.

My no-rules label THUNDER ZONE continued to put out a steady steam of releases in 2K13. We did projects with LIL UGLY MANE, SCHWARZ, EXTREME ANIMALS, BRIAN BLOMERTH and more. We did VHS tapes, t-shirts, energy drinks and music. The energy drinks and VHS tapes are still available but those UGLY MANE shirts have been long sold out! Check out the JUICEBOXXX “Pump It (Remix)” off of “Beyond Thunder Zone” above. It features rappers ANTOWN, ISSUE, FAT TONY and KOOL A.D. (Das Racist) plus THUNDER ZONE rager SCHWARZ.

Speaking of… “U R Beautiful” by SCHWARZ picked up more than a fair share of attention from places like SPIN, NOISEY and VIDEOGUM. SCHWARZ is a true American original and something that people can believe in. It feels good to just put out stuff that I would be siked about as a fan, and honestly that’s what THUNDER ZONE is all about. Spreading insanity and excitement all around the goddamn world.

Keeping things on that THUNDER ZONE tip, in November the THUNDER ZONE TOUR 2K13 went down. It featured myself playing with a full live band, EXTREME ANIMALS and SCHWARZ. We hit the East Coast and Heartland hard. We took no goddamn prisoners. THUNDER ZONE is a true underdog story, the BAD NEWS BEARS of this whole industry. Come along for the ride, we got energy drinks. Tour doc coming soon.

To go along with the tour, I put out an EP called “Front Seat Of The Tacoma”. 6 songs in 14 minutes and another piece in the neverending puzzle. More crazy American music about trying to find a dream. Blown out and wild, jam it in your car when you drive to 7-Eleven. Check out the video for “Front Seat” (shot on the toxic shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) above.

At the same time as I was freaking out and rapping into my laptop I was also making a lot of other music. Hopefully some of these songs will see the light of day in 2K14 and beyond. To be honest I’m excited to just keep fucking living my life and making music and that is a goddamn fact. I’ve been in this game since I was 15 and I’m 27 now and I see no end in sight. It sounds cheesy but I love this shit and I feel like I’m just starting to figure out how to say and do the things I really wanna do. How to make the music that would make my teenage heroes proud. ENTER THE THUNDER ZONE 2K14 NO SURRENDER.

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