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Finally after a long wait comes the last video in the “I Don’t Wanna Go Into The Darkness” saga. But don’t worry kids, we are going out BIG DAWG style. I teamed up with an all-star cast of ragers including director Vice Cooler (XBXRX/Hawnay Troof… videos for Peaches, Feist and more) and actor Andre Hyland AKA Jesse Miller, fresh off of his short film’s successful run at the Sundance Film Festival.

From the instant I saw Jesse Miller I was drawn to him. Rarely does a character balance truth and humor in a way that cuts so deeply to the core of a timeless American feeling. That distinctive heartland parking lot insanity vibe that a lot of Andre’s work covers felt like the perfect companion to “Thunder Jam #8,” which is perhaps the most emotional Thunder Jam yet. And when I got my buddy Vice Cooler on board to direct, I knew it was gonna be sick.

The end result is something that I hope is real and funny and maybe just a little bit touching. Plus I get to freak out and plug my Energy Drink. It is a classic “everyone wins” style situation. This song is dedicated to all those kids out there with nothing to do but drive around and hold onto their dreams. So fuckin’ crack a bev and enjoy the ride. This is the THUNDER ZONE people!

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