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Tonight! In Queens! The legendary Los Angeles rager Kyle H. Mabson will be doing a rare NYC DJ set at Trans Pecos. Kyle is a culture jammer operating at the edges of many communities; I consider Mr. Mabson to be a true man of the Modern World. His activities include playing music with notable ragers like XBXRX and Dan Deacon, curating a series of fucked up cover/remix compilations and touring the country doing 3D visual tech work for PRIMUS. Oh, he has also played in like 100 one-off bands that I can only describe as “contemporary art”. You truly can’t fuck with the man’s CV.

ALSO. This event marks the official release of the DJ GEORGE COSTANZA AWARENESS BRACELETS out now on THUNDER ZONE. You can buy them at the show! Costanza will also be on hand, doing a DJ set. And if all of that is not enough to get you out to Queens on a Monday night, we got one of my favorite NYC bands HARIBO throwing down! I played with these guys last fall and they blew my mind. Plus Hitashya! Damn this is going to be a good show.

C U in da pit.

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