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The Midwest has a storied tradition when it comes to pounding fucked-style hardcore electronic music. I’m talking gabber, breakcore, hard acid… All the sick shit. I’m talking labels like ADDICT, DROP BASS, ZOD, DISTORT… Once again — all the sick shit. STAGEDIVER is one of the few people in the game keeping this fire burning and he does it right. Tyler has been a friend of mine for a long time (I even booked his FIRST SHOW EVER with Unicorn Hard-On and more in 2004) and it has been a blast seeing him continue to churn out lo-fi punk electronics of the highest quality year after year. He also runs the awesome label RADIOGRAFFITI that puts out everything from chiptune to insanity gabber.

On my last tour I had the pleasure of playing with Stagediver in Milwaukee. During his set he played a sick remix of my song “Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall” off of my last EP FRONT SEAT OF THE TACOMA. It hit hard in the club and made me excited to be alive and making music. Talking with Tyler after the gig it turned out to be a “smash-up” of my song and the sick Stagediver tune “Raw Deal”. You can watch the youtube above or download the MP3 below. I recommend you play it loud. Enter The Thunder Zone.


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