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photo by alex white

TUNNEL OF LOVE were an awesome Rock And Roll band from Boston, maybe they are still around but somehow I doubt it. I first heard about these ragers through Ian from JAPANTHER; he put out a 7″ for them on his label TAPES RECORDS that I picked up one night in 2K4 while jamming in Green Bay with the legendary band LOST SOUNDS. I eyed the record flipping through some sort of “distro box” and remembered a few sick videos I saw online of three shirtless dudes in striped tights and capes flipping out playing sick totally unhinged R N’R. I bought the 7″ and of course it was great, totally blown out rock action not unlike another favorite band, THE HOSPITALS, but with more oldies covers.

Flash forward spring 2009. I’m in New York City playing at the final show of rock gods THEUSAISAMONSTER and TUNNEL OF LOVE are on the bill. If I remember correctly, they played right after THE MONSTER (who played in the middle of the show), set up on the floor and just fucking raged. They covered “Wild Thing” twice. They played “Paint It Black.” There were Christmas lights “in the mix.” This band is pure guts and American energy. I’ll never forget that show. Video of TUNNEL OF LOVE jamming below.

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