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STATE OF THE THUNDER ZONE is back for this Fall 2K14 “one off” and damn it feels good to just yell into a smartphone again. Talking about life, talking about THE THUNDER ZONE – you know the drill. This is it, there is no turning back man. New things this Fall include a Japanese-only LIL UGLY MANE jacket and the SCHWARZ sample pack for all of your club music/prank call needs. 2015 will see a new JUICEBOXXX mixtape and “proper” full length plus all sorts of stuff.

And also! The “Big Reveal” — My friend Leon Neyfakh wrote a book about me, to be published next fall by Melville House. Someone wrote a book about Juiceboy? I’m still processing it too. More info soon. I wish I could stop, I really do. I would probably live a happier life but I am on a mission to just keep doing the sick shit no matter what. Somebody, anybody… Buy a THUNDER ZONE HACKY SACK. It is worth the money. Never Surrender.

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