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Juiceboxxx in Osaka, Japan. Photo By Jono Ryan.

2014 was another crazy year deep inside THE THUNDER ZONE and I gotta say, I’ve come out of it positive despite all the insanity and darkness. The world is a fucked up place but we can still dream. I’m still here and more siked than ever to keep doing my thing… One day at a time.

I spent a lot of time in 2014 working on a new record (HEARTLAND 99) and a new mixtape (HIGHWAY TO THE HEARTLAND) in the big city. I’m really excited to share this new music with you in 2K15. It’s all coming soon and it’s all another chapter in the neverending American pop music saga that is JUICEBOXXX and THE THUNDER ZONE.

This year I was a part of a “viral shitstorm,” played a show at MOMA PS1, toured Japan, Korea and North America and kept on releasing crazy music and culture on my label THUNDER ZONE (collaborations with Lil Ugly Mane, Schwarz, Issue, DJ George Costanza and more). In addition to that shit, I was also on the cover of NYC’s SEX MAGAZINE and had an article about me in highbrow NYC lit journal N+1. The article in N+1 was an excerpt from a book about me (WTF), coming out next year on Melville House. Noisey also had some things to say.

A lot of other shit happened too. I moved around a ton, slept on the floor behind a bar for a few months in Far Rockaway, Queens, threw some parties, lost my mind a few times… Probably also a lot of other shit I can’t remember.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m keeping the faith and I’m trying to keep running and making American music for kids of all ages to freak out to. Out of the darkness my man, into THE THUNDER ZONE.

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