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Above are two clips of JUICEBOXXX AND THE CALIFORNIA DREAMS BAND (featuring members of Abe Vigoda and Health) live in 2013 at the legendary KIBITZ ROOM inside of CANTERS DELI. If you don’t know about The Kibitz/Canters, do some research, this is Rock And Roll 101, people… We are talking Guns N’ Roses here people!

Anyways, 2013 was a weird year from me (they are all weird years, no doubt, but… Winter 2K13 was legendary) and this video is one of the few live shows I played for the first 6 months of that year. Total insanity, that night featured performances from BLOK and Snow Wite, plus a chaotic DJ set by Stevie and Alex from WAVVES. These videos (released as a “bootleg” by Viper Video) only scratch the surface, but it is a scratch regardless.

Drink these two things in and remember that the neverending American pop music saga that is Juiceboxxx and Thunder Zone is no joke… 2K15 I’m done hitting myself on the head with a microphone because I can’t go out like that man, I can’t go out like that. Keep it positive.

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