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A little while ago (via IMPOSE MAGAZINE), I officially announced my new record called HEARTLAND 99 and shared a song of the same name. I’m really excited about this one, it comes out in June and it is a continuation of the neverending American Pop Music puzzle that is JUICEBOXXX and a blown out slice of NU AMERICANA/RAP ROCK for kids of all ages to freak out to. I got more videos and all that shit on deck. Oh yeah, it’s coming out on my own label THUNDER ZONE, with a limited vinyl issue from the legendary label VINYL INTERNATIONAL (home to releases from Ariel Pink and Geneva Jacuzzi).

My influences on HEARTLAND 99 run from Springsteen and Suicide to Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Other things I was thinking about: going to noise shows as a teenager, listening to classic rock radio, Funkmaster Flex, Big Black, “Born Slippy,” Ultramganetic MC’s, The Modern Lovers, all that shit. So much shit. I wish I could just do something else but I have to be myself and that means fucking walking down the road most people are smart enough not to travel.

I don’t fuckin’ know man, I’m writing so many songs that I just wanna get this one out for you to hear and then start making more. Welcome to the Thunder Zone, where am I going? I don’t fucking know. Hide under the covers sometimes but don’t die man. Hit the highway, who gives a fuck. HEARTLAND 99. Check a song below.

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