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My new LP “Heartland 99” is out today digitally and I’m excited to share it. 10 tracks of blasted out NEW AMERICAN MUSIC for driving on the highway and following your dreams, even when your back is against the wall. I’m really excited to share it, it is another notch in the freaked out American Music saga that I’m always yelling about and just another reason to keep fighting.

When making this record, I was thinking about all the real deal Nu Americana legends that I grew up worshipping and I wanted to transmit that feeling to the next level. I wanted to make something both timeless and of our era. Sometimes it’s hard to explain but between my music and the work I’m doing on THUNDER ZONE, I’m trying to develop my own American Pop Music And Culture Universe.

So CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE (it is also on Spotify and Itunes and all that shit) because I’m giving away this record for free/donation for the first month. Why not? There are no rules. I just want you to hear this thing, it’s not the first record I’ve ever done and it won’t be the last, but it’s an important part of the f’d up thing I’ve been fighting for since I was just a stupid kid. Check out some music videos from the record below!

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