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This week I will be jamming in the Heartland and the Big City all in the name of that thing that I can never put my finger on but haunts me every night… Rock And Roll, my dude. Firstly, see above. Big gig in New York City – namely Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Juiceboxxx, Pictureplane, Shams, DJ Big Black Poodle. Always fun to jam with some day 1’s (also excited to see DJ Big Black Poodle for the first time) and just fucking rip it up on a Wednesday. FACEBOOK EVENT.

Then I get on some sort of thing that moves me from point A to point B and end up in fucking Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city I have a longstanding complex relationship with, but fuck it. I’m siked to still be “in the mix” after all these years. Do things get less confusing? No, they do not. Things are fucked up my dude!

Regardless, I’ll be bringing my lifestyle brand entertainment franchise THE THUNDER ZONE KICKBACK to the bar Fink’s for one night only on Friday, June 19. What has already become a legendary night for 4 people in New York City is about to change the game for a bunch of unsuspecting weekend bar hoppers. You know the drill… I’m djing all night. Free Thunder Zone Energy Drinks. You know we got that fucking “Thunder Zone Video Mix Tape” popping off… All that and more and it’s free… FACEBOOK EVENT.

Then Saturday June 20 I’m throwing down a live set at DUMMERFEST happening at THE METAL GRILL in CUDAHY WISCONSIN. Juiceboxxx at what some might call a Pop Punk Festie? You better believe there are no limits to the kind of freaked out music and culture JUICEBOXXX and THUNDER ZONE penetrates. I for one am excited to see Wisconsin glory boys TENEMENT get sik wit it, their new record is a next level move and some seriously conceptual and uplifting American Pop. FACEBOOK EVENT.

So there you have it, one week in the demented-yet-positive freaked out American culture vortex that is THE THUNDER ZONE. Check out a gig, do what you gotta do. Stay alive, keep fighting. Fuck it man. “State Of The Thunder Zone.”

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