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That’s right people, JUICEBOXXX has made it into the hallowed halls of Rolling Stone Magazine… Online edition. Some nice people from RS hung out with me for a day of band practice, Dunking Donuts, and then, finally, a live rock and roll Juiceboxxx show. Honestly, it was a lot of fun and I think it turned out pretty OK for what it is… A portrait of a deeply insane man deep in the THUNDER ZONE.

Check it out above and also fucking check it… There is a longform piece of journalism coming soon on the Rolling Stone website about JB and “the book” and life and Rock and Roll. Who really knows? I’ve seen dreams live and die, I’ve freaked out and I’ve tried again, I’ve tried to stay true to my heart, but my dude the world is a confusing place. At the end of the day, playing shows and making records and putting out energy drinks and just doing what gets you siked… That’s really all that matters.

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