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Tonight at The World Famous Thunder Zone Kickback we got some very special guests: “Angels With Filthy Souls” AKA Jacky Connolly and Gabrielle Tillman. Jacky and Gabrielle are co-starring in the upcoming film Game House (which Jacky wrote, along with Asher Penn of Sex Mag fame), and that film happens to be shooting a scene today… So you could say the kickback tonight is a bit of a “wrap party.” Say whatever the “f” you want though, it doesn’t matter, this is going to be sick. Jacky has a great art show up now with Flannery Silva (of the already-legendary punk rock band Odwalla88) at Kimberly-Klark in Ridegwood, NY fucking check it out.

As always “vj/dj” Juiceboxxx, Monica and Adi-Di behind the bar, free energy drinks… Just a chilled out environment in general. Over one year strong: The Thunder Zone Kickback… Oral history coming soon.

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