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OUT NOW on Thunder Zone: The two part Molly Soda “Tween Dreams” series finally gets a physical release in the form of a limited edition VHS tape. We found some deadstock pink tapes and pressed them up pro style and put them in a cool clear case and threw in a poster (why not) and put them up for you to buy. This is straight up 2010’s style DIY video punk in the tradition of Miss Pussycat or Tracy And The Plastics but updated for a new generation of dreamers.

Molly is well known for her internet work but I think with these videos (and a lot of the things she does) she moves beyond whatever cultural slot narrow-minded people have tried to put her in and into a new zone that she can call her own. “Tween Dreams” is timeless and great lo-fi, really. I love these videos and I couldn’t be more siked to put it out on Thunder Zone.

BUY HERE right now because these will go fast.

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