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OK this one is pretty confusing. It all started with “the book” and then things spiraled from there. Kudler and I barely knew each other that night I got bloodied up at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, swear to god. The screenplay kind of came out of the blue and so did the Reddit shit. Finally, I just figured I would release it on Thunder Zone… I knew it was the right course of action after Lena Dunham for some reason on a podcast said she made out with a rapper named Juiceboxxx at summer camp.

This all sounds like a tangled mess of insanity and maybe it is. Maybe that is one of the things Thunder Zone is really all about. I have no idea. One thing I know is that in the past year my life and music has been refracted through a funhouse mirror of “This American Life” proportions and somehow Kudler nailed the tone. My real message is just to be yourself.

“Too Much Juice” is a “Girls” spec script starring Juiceboxxx written by the artist and musician Ben Kudler. Check out thunderzone.biz for more info.

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