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It has been a little bit since I last hit you people with a full on THUNDER ZONE UPDATE, so fuck it, here it goes. Last time I yelled at you I was dropping that dig-printed insanity LAST RENAISSANCE shirt, way back in who knows when. But since then, the game has been flipped on its head and all hell is breaking loose in the motherfucking THUNDER ZONE.

Before we get into anything else, I should just share that there has been a THUNDER ZONE BACK TO SCHOOL INSANITY SALE going down over at the THUNDER ZONE WEBSTORE. That’s right, 50 percent off everything with that promo code ZONE2K16 at checkout. Am I crazy for this one? Probably. Is it a wild deal for you? No doubt. So take advantage of this shit, because it is going to be gone by October 1. Get some energy drinks, get some music. Life your life.

Next up. That EXTREME ANIMALS tape: “THIS MUSIC DOES NOT APOLOGIZE: 2002-2008.” I know I mentioned this when I talked about the JUICEBOXXX/EXTREME ANIMALS mini-tour that went down last July/August, but I don’t think I can say enough about this thing: it is a greatest hits of sorts from one of the most underappreciated freakout units of the wild oughts, part of the Paper Rad unit. Cop the tape or download before it is gone, bask in the 7 panel full color foldout collage, bask in the singular rainbow rock insanity.

Then you know I gotta mention this new sticker design, flipped by the one-and-only D. Gookin. Get it at gigs or online. And there is also a new fucked up STATE OF THE THUNDER ZONE that I won’t even embed here but will say that you should CLICK THIS LINK if you want to maybe go crazy with me.

And then, and then… The next release on ZONE is a true doozy. I’m talking a landmark moment for whatever this label/brand/feeling/energy drink company really is (it is still confusing, even to me)… A 7” featuring two new songs by ODWALLA88 and a B-Side remix by LIL UGLY MANE and cover art by MAX EISENBERG aka DJ DOG DICK. Check out a sneak of the cover below:

More info on that soon, it hits the street October 25. Really excited about this release, a true “meeting of the minds” from some of the best bands, artists and rappers going today in the USA freakout game. Beyond the record, there are also some more Thunder Zone surprises in store, so keep watch here and stay positive, make it out of this fucked up year alive. Keep dreaming, even though we are all surrounded by constant darkness.

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