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In an insane turn of events I am currently in Innsbruck, Austria, gearing up to play a 6 hour solo set on Saturday in the middle of the mountains. The mysterious superfood company SUPERGOOD flew me in for this very rare, very insane performance situation, part of the Premierentage Festival.

This is a really fucked up moment in time and I must say, I feel fucking crazy. The world is twisted and confusing, and I am just as lost as anyone else. Life keeps going, though. I’m excited to spread whatever insanity I have been developing forever with my music and THUNDER ZONE, and special weird solo freakout sets in Europe are a part of that. There is very little information to spread, if you are in Austria, do some googling, the answer will come to you. Documentation after the fact, no doubt. But if you are doubting, check out this video below. Somehow I was able to break free of the chains of darkness for a three minute very special reunion STATE OF THE THUNDER ZONE in the mountains. For the most part. Who knows. Keep your head up.

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